Clivet, the Italian company specialised in air conditioning and air handling heat pump systems, presents the Enhanced VRF System, evolving central plant design to the best life-cycle saving in commercial buildings.

Keeping optimal comfort conditions and health within buildings results in significant capital and operating cost. This is even enhanced in the commercial sector, due to the higher range of challenging constraints, such as high space loads, simultaneous cooling and heating, outdoor air management, and domestic hot water, if any. R32 Air Source Heat Pump

HVP Magazine - The Clivet Enhanced VRF System explained

In this sector, central plants are probably the most popular HVAC design solution. Clivet evolves this solution and presents the Clivet Enhanced VRF System, the standardised industrial comfort solution, able to fit individual requirements of the different commercial buildings. Its modular design allows for the most suitable, specialized and efficient answer to comfort requirements of shopping centers, offices, hotels and restaurants, entertainment, hospitals, meeting the different needs related to their special functions.

The Clivet exclusive Enhanced VRF System consists of four basic components:

Focusing on the best-in-class solution represented by the combination of the VRF system with Zephir3, by analyzing a case study of an office building of four floors requiring 12,000m3/h for primary air and a total load of 260kW, this system offers approximately +10% of energy saving compared to an equivalent solution with air handling units. Furthermore, it offers superior air quality thanks to the electronic filters, and superior comfort thanks to the humidity and supply air temperature regulation with a compact and standalone system.

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HVP Magazine - The Clivet Enhanced VRF System explained

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