New Recyclable Paper Pouch | Food Engineering

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SunDance USA, a producer of printed packaging in the Southeastern U.S., has introduced new paper pouch packaging that the company says is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. "SunDance has a long-standing commitment to producing printing and packaging in a sustainable manner," says JohnHenry Ruggieri, SunDance president. "We are excited to add this newest, highly sustainable option to our award-winning flexible packaging line." Packaging Bag

New Recyclable Paper Pouch | Food Engineering

This latest flexible packaging option from SunDance combines superior fiber strength with a super-green profile and consumer-friendly features. For example, fiber or paper mesh windows can be added to the front, back or sides of the paper pouch to offer views of the product inside. These unique windows also provide ventilation for products requiring it, such as certain grocery produce. The seams of the paper pouch are secured with a unique heat-sealable adhesive that is also recyclable and compostable.

The 100% recyclable paper pouch offers a strong, super-green alternative to packages that are subject to the new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws, which are being enacted by a growing number of states to reduce the use of plastics, cellophanes, and other harmful packaging materials.

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New Recyclable Paper Pouch | Food Engineering

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