Hydraulic Press Channel Has a New Press to Test

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The Hydraulic Press Channel has a brand new press to play around with. Channel host Lauri Vuohensilta has created a homemade press he calls the ‘Smashinator 5 000 000’. Hydraulic Compression Molding Press

Hydraulic Press Channel Has a New Press to Test

Instead of a long slow press, the Smashinator dumps all its pressure at once, smashing whatever is in its path. Long-time fans of the popular YouTube channel will be happy to see lots of press favorites go under the Smashinator in this video including a Nokia 3310, Lego, and playing cards. 

In this video, the husband and wife team behind the genius concept make a rare appearance in front of the camera. Unsurprisingly the Nokia, when pummeled with a serious force, turns into a sort of Nokia goop. 

But in an unexpected turn of events, a big pile of playing cards manages to stop the press in its tracks. The neat stack of cardboard proving too much for the Smashinator which just forces the whole deck into the plywood shelf below it. 

The slow-motion footage from the Lego smash is worth waiting for, teamed with some cinematic cinema, colorful bricks in slow motion is always a winner. 

The Smashinator doesn’t seem to be quite as fun as the indoor slow press, but we’ll be waiting eagerly to see what Lauri and Anni come up with next to entertain us. 

Hydraulic Press Channel Has a New Press to Test

4 Column Hydraulic Press Via: Hydraulic Press Channel